Unofficial Guide to Medicine - Gareth Rogers

Zeshan Qureshi




I lead “The Unofficial Guide to Medicine” textbook series, which uses a unique publishing model to produce award winning, best-selling titles.

The books have won awards from institutions such as the BMA, British Institute of Radiology, and The Association for the Study of Medical Education. What’s more, in the process of selling over 28,000 books, over £8000 has been raised for charity.

Unofficial Guide to Medicine - George Porter

George Porter


Third year medical student Newcastle University


Chief Operating Officer, Project Manager of the Core Medicine Textbook, Director of Sponsorship.

Hi! My name is George and I’ve been working for Unofficial Guide since June 2017. My work generally involves the day-to-day running of UGTM but I also personally manage sponsorship and our upcoming Core Medicine Textbook. In my spare time, I work for St John Ambulance and am in the Army Reserve as part of a Field Hospital. I don’t dedicate my whole life to medicine, however, and enjoy travelling whenever I’m released from exams, so far the highlights have been Killimanjaro and the Arctic but I am hoping to go to South East Asia or America in the near future!

I was recruited into Unofficial Guide quite by accident. Zeshan spoke at a conference for Durham MedSoc and it inspired me to contact him over the summer. I started out as a PA gathering evidence about various sponsorship agreements and attending a few events and have never really looked back! The principle of peer teaching is something I am passionate about, having seen it work very well in my own cohort, and Unofficial Guide is all about peer teaching!

UGTM has given me some spectacular opportunities but for me there are two things that really stand out. Sponsorship is exceedingly rewarding, allowing societies to put on fantastic events and connect their members to a wider community of medical students will never stop being fun. I ran Durham MedSoc in my second year and as a small medical school (which has since closed) I know how vital extra money can be and how even a small team can make a great improvement to the student experience! Managing the Medicine Textbook has also been great. Taking someone through their first few steps to becoming an author and watching them grow and develop into a fantastic writer will never stop being rewarding.

Unofficial Guide to Medicine - Abigail Neasham

Abigail Neasham


iBSc (Hons), Fourth Year medical student at Cardiff University


Events co-ordinator, General administration

I started working for the Unofficial Guide to Medicine in Summer 2016 as a conference ambassador and personal assistant and since then have moved into managing events and the admin email account. I became aware of the Unofficial Guide through a friend and as I have progressed through medical school I have become more aware of the importance of concise textbooks and the value of advice from people who have already been there.

Last year, I intercalated in Neuropsychology at Bangor University which was a chance to experience something different to my previous three years at medical school. The extra time that intercalating gave me meant that I was able to try some new hobbies and dedicate a bit more time to The Unofficial Guide. While in Bangor I tried my hand at rowing and hockey and discovered how cold a lake can be at 5:30am!

Outside of university I enjoy travelling and have been able to use my summers to see some of Europe and beyond. Last summer I travelled to Fiji, where I lived with a family in a village for a month and volunteered in a school teaching maths, English and sport. This was a really eye-opening experience that meant I could fully immerse myself in a culture. My next big trip will be my elective, where I’m hoping to fit in the Inca Trail.

Unfortunately, the end of medical school is approaching and after medical school I am hoping to be able to return closer to home in the North East, where I may be able to spend a bit more time with my dog and horse. My current interests for the future lie with general practice or care of the elderly.

Unofficial Guide to Medicine - Marianne Broderick

Marianne Broderick


BA(Hons), Final year medical student Swansea University


Personal assistant

You could call it a “third of a life” crisis but I prefer to think that it just took me a while to work out where I should be….. I am as far from a typical medical student as you can imagine. I’m much closer to 40 than 20, I didn’t study a single science A-level subject, my first degree was History and my career largely involved working for the family business in groundworks and civil engineering. So why medicine? The short story is that it wasn’t enough. I love working and I wanted a job that gave me real job satisfaction and allowed me to work day in and day out with people. I loved the training element of my previous job (I know more about the theory of driving a digger than you will ever care to know), encouraging men who left school early that these (unnecessary) exams were not beyond them and giving them the confidence to achieve went some way to make me feel like my day was worthwhile but making sure that method statements were written and and risk assessments were approved just didn’t give me that.

Outside of medical school, I work hard to maintain my friendships and to spend time with my family. I try to find time to play the flute in our local orchestra and occasionally I treat myself to a little bit of fiction or a movie!

As a student with a really limited science background I have played catchup all through the last four years and UGTM were the first textbooks that made sense to me. They were clear, simple and concise and most importantly engaging. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?!

What’s next? Hopefully GP but who really knows? If you’d asked me 10 years ago what’s next, I hadn’t even foreseen this amazing journey.

Unofficial Guide to Medicine - Gareth Rogers

Gareth Rogers


BSc (Hons) and Final Year Medical Student at the University of Leeds


Unofficial Guide to Surgery Orthopaedics Editor. Copy Editor of the Unofficial Guide to Surgery. Director of Recruitment

My work with the team at the Unofficial Guide to Medicine started in the Summer of 2015 having previous worked with Zeshan through a sponsorship agreement between the Unofficial Guide to Medicine and a society for which I was the president. Over the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of seeing the company grow and mature and have had the opportunity to work on a range of exciting projects from sponsorship, to development and to our up and coming surgical book for which I am the editor for orthopaedics.

In my spare time when not studying or working for the UGTM I am huge fan of cooking and often get hooked on learning a new cuisine….currently my obsession is Mexican! Now that I am coming to the end of my undergraduate training I am excited for the opportunities that lay ahead and I am sure that the UGTM will continue to play a big part of my life.

Rebecca Best

Rebecca Best


iBSc (Hons) Fourth Year Medical student at Cardiff University


I am currently working to develop an OSCE revision course for medical students at Cardiff University, as well as editing for two upcoming textbooks and assisting with general administration for the company.

I am a fourth year medical student at Cardiff University with an interest in Prehospital Medicine. I have an intercalated degree in Clinical Epidemiology and in the future I am hoping to apply for an academic foundation post with a view to pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine and medical education. In my spare time I enjoy running, cycling and scuba diving. I love travelling and have enjoyed exploring Wales whilst on placement. I have two dogs and look forward to spending time with my family in Loughborough in the holidays. I have joined the Unofficial Guide to Medicine team because I am passionate about medical education and value students and junior doctors as peer teachers.

Unofficial Guide to Medicine - Malaika Smith

Malaika Smith


Final year GEM student at Nottingham University


Marketing Director at The Unofficial Guide to Medicine

Having worked as a teacher and private tutor, I have always been very passionate about education. Between degrees I then worked as a Web Marketing Executive, and after getting in touch via UGTM’s facebook page with some marketing tips and ideas, I was lucky enough to be asked to come on board to help out. I have now been running the social media platforms for over a year, and I have lots of exciting plans coming up! Outside of medical school and UGTM I spend my time being a proud mum to my 2 year old daughter, and rescuing guinea pigs!

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