Dr Zeshan Qureshi

Dr Zeshan Qureshi


Founder & CEO

Zeshan’s vision is to change the face of medical education. He is leading the way in democratising the process with user engagement in the production process, and ensuring that his resources are available through whatever means the user chooses. With that thought, Zeshan proposed and led a revolutionary ‘flipped publishing’ model and The Unofficial Guide to Medicine was born, with juniors as the key drivers for the content of textbooks.

Over the years, Zeshan has been bestowed with several awards, including Young Author of the Year at the BMA and ASME’s prestigious Young Leader Award. Zeshan’s work has been further recognised in his appointment as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators and as an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. Through his active role in medical education, Zeshan’s status has developed to being more than just an educationalist, appearing regularly in the media outlets to advocate for better healthcare and the wellbeing of staff and students in the NHS.

UGTM Liza Chong

Liza Chong

3rd Year Medical Student Intercalating in Surgical Sciences | University of Edinburgh

Executive Marketing Director

Hi, I’m Liza, UGTM’s Executive Marketing Director! I oversee our amazing marketing team on everything from social media to the website to external outreach! Passionate about surgery and medical education, I started out attending the webinars and was quickly captivated by the interactive and informative cases. Now, we are bringing out even more series and programmes.

With a keen interest in graphics design and web development, I look forward to helping UGTM reach a wider audience!

Dr Zeshan Qureshi

Danielle Pollitt-Walmsley

4th Year Medical Student Intercalating in Neuroscience | University of Birmingham

Executive Webinar Director

I really benefitted from attending the UGTM webinars, and wanted to become part of a team that values medical education and a near-peer teaching style. I’m looking forward to building up the crash course days and the textbook webinar series. I’m interested in how medical education can be conducted remotely such as through webinars, and how this enables connections and the opportunity to speak to other students and professionals that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Outside of medicine I am President of Medsoc Dance, love going to the theatre and playing the ukulele!

UGTM Lauren Franklin

Lauren Franklin

3rd Year Medical Student | Keele University

Podcast Director & Webinar Host Director

Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m medical student at Keele University with a interest in O&G and Public Health.

With a passion for photography and graphic design, I have loved being part of the social media team at UGTM. Peer learning is an important aspect of medicine so I’m happy that I’ve had the chance to be involved in our successful webinar series. In my spare time, I have a gluten free blog and play basketball (somewhat badly!).

UGTM Shweta Madhu

Shweta Madhu

2021/21 Final Year Medical Student (on a year out) | University of Nottingham

Marketing – Website Coordinator

Blessed to have grown up between multiple cultures, I’ve been exposed to various healthcare and education systems which led to a passion for widening participation and medical education.

I hope to bring my global outlook to UGTM to further ameliorate the brilliant work they’ve done in MedEd thus far.

UGTM Anna Starostina

Anna Starostina

2nd Year GEM Student | University of Nottingham

Marketing – University & Student Coordinator

Anna is currently a graduate medical student at the University of Nottingham. Prior to getting into medicine she obtained BSc in Economics from the University of Washington and MA in Media Studies from the University of Warwick. She was a special interest in mental health, surgery and health technology, and believes that tech innovation has the potential to transform systems and empower individuals.

Her hobbies include napping, snacking and watering plants.

UGTM Ashvin Kuri

Ashvin Kuri

MSc in Neuroscience (Post-3rd Year Medicine) | Barts and the London

Webinar – Facebook Coordinator

Ashvin is a medical student at Barts & The London. He aspires to a career coupling clinical work with academia. He has a passion for writing and loves his role with UGTM as a content developer and in an organisational capacity.

Outside of the medical world, he is a keen athlete and musician – running track, playing hockey and performing classical and jazz music on the violin and baritone voice.

Dr Zeshan Qureshi

Lydia Wilson

Final Year Medical Student | University of Birmingham

Webinar – Student Liaison

Hi! I’m Lydia and I’ve been working with Unofficial Guide to Medicine since the summer of 2019. I met Zeshan when I was Birmingham MedSoc President during a conference and got stuck in with the company pretty much straight away, starting as a student reviewer for two textbooks and gradually getting involved in a greater variety of roles including contacting Medical Societies, creative contributions in new textbook developments and acting as a product researcher.

I think peer teaching is an incredibly useful tool in learning and medical education is an area I’m incredibly passionate about, so being able to learn about the development of textbooks has been an amazing experience. Apart from that I spend my time with good food, bad dancing and excellent friends!

UGTM Ella Quintella

Dr Ella Quintela

BMedSci, BMBS | West Yorkshire

Content Producer

I am currently a junior doctor who is interested in critical care and medical education, as well as widening participation. As a student, I used the UGTM textbooks during medical school and found them very helpful for exam revision. So when the opportunity came, I was excited to join the team and since then have been involved in writing book chapters as well as delivering webinars to medical students.

Outside of medicine, I am a frequent runner, and an occasional knitter.

UGTM Abhiyan Bhandari

Abhiyan Bhandari

5th Year Medical Student | UCL Medical School

General Administrator

Hello my name is Abhiyan Bhandari, I am currently a fifth year medical student at UCL. I currently work with the UGTM team as General Administrator, coordinating our annual competitions, sponsorships, amongst other general administrative tasks.

I heard about UGTM during my second year of medical school where I entered the essay competitions and was involved in reviewing the Orthopaedic X-ray book. I have been involved with the team since and look forward to ongoing developments!

UGTM Sammie Mak

Sammie Mak

MBChB | University of Leeds

Editorial Assistant

Currently working as junior doctor in the UK, with a keen interest in public health and medical education. First joined The Unofficial Guide to Medicine team as a 2nd year medical student helping out as a conference ambassador, which provided multiple opportunities to attend events and meet new people.

Later took on the role as personal assistant and finance director, before becoming an Editorial Assistant and helping UGTM to expand our textbook series.

UGTM Team Ronan

Dr Ronan Pilkington

MBChB BSc (Hons) Medical Education

Marketing Director & Content producer

Currently working as a junior doctor in the UK, Ronan is known for his engaging arts-based teaching methods and enthusiasm for medical education. Ronan has been involved in the marketing and organisation of many UGTM projects and is currently creating content for upcoming podcasts, webinars and textbooks.

Interested in Emergency Medicine and Paediatrics, he has enjoyed his role within the UGTM team so far and is excited for further involvement in upcoming events!


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