Zeshan Qureshi

Dr Zeshan Qureshi


Founder’s Words

Zeshan’s vision is to change the face of medical education. He is leading the way in democratising the process with user engagement in the production process, and ensuring that his resources are available through whatever means the user chooses. With that thought, Zeshan proposed and led a revolutionary ‘flipped publishing’ model and The Unofficial Guide to Medicine was born, with juniors as the key drivers for the content of textbooks.

Over the years, Zeshan has been bestowed with several awards, including Young Author of the Year at the BMA and ASME’s prestigious Young Leader Award. Zeshan’s work has been further recognised in his appointment as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators and as an NHS Clinical Entrepeneur. Through his active role in medical education, Zeshan’s status has developed to being more than just an educationalist, appearing regularly in the media oulets to advocate for better healthcare and the wellbeing of staff and students in the NHS.

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