We care about causes that you care about, and are committed to supporting charities and medical education projects which you value. Here are just a few examples of groups which we have been able to support so far.

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Magic Wand Appeal

The Magic Wand Appeal

The Magic Wand Appeal, chosen by Ian Rodd (paediatric reviewer) is raising funds to improve facilities and the environment in the children’s unit at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester (part of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).
The aim is to give children and their family the best experience possible in hospital, by improving and updating the existing facilities to create a better environment.

Key features of the new unit are:

  • a new centralised reception area on arrival to service both inpatients and outpatients
  • an environment suitable for all children from babies to adolescents
  • improved facilities for families
  • a larger day assessment area
  • more consulting rooms
  • men-suite facility

For more information please visit the Magic Wand Appeal on the RHCH website or the JustGiving page.

Magic Wand Appeal


Dreamflight is a UK charity that changes young lives through taking children with a serious illness or disability, without their parents, on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida.

Established in 1987 and operating annually since, Dreamflight believes that fun and joy are just as important as medical research and equipment – especially for children who perhaps can’t wait long enough for the breakthrough they need or whose illnesses and treatments have brought pain, distress and disruption to their lives.

For more information please visit the Dreamflight website.

Revise 4 Finals logo

Revise 4 Finals

Revise4finals is an award winning free online educational resource aimed at those preparing for medical finals or in first months as a junior doctor. Articles cover clinical examinations and investigations with guidance on interpretation aimed to help everyone pass their finals.
Dr Kulkani and Dr Rothman have based the articles and advice on their own experiences at through medical school and as junior doctors. Both are actively involved in medical education at an undergraduate and postgraduate level and became involved with The OSCE Book through their educational activity.

For more information please visit the Revise 4 Finals website.

Bluebell Wood Logo

Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice cares and supports children and young adults with a range of complex medical needs. We provide a services for the whole family through their life journey, including:

  • Respite care
  • Day care
  • 24 hour urgent response
  • End of life treatment and care
  • Hospice at home
  • Young adults group
  • Sibling support
  • Counselling
  • Music therapy
  • Befriending services

For more information please visit the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice website.

Shelo Foundation logo

The Shelo Orphanage Foundation

The Shelo Orphanage Foundation was originally set up by a fourth year Peninsula medical student back in 2010. The charity helps to support 300 children in Eastern Uganda, all of whom are affected to some degree by HIV. Since starting up, the charity has expanded and is now run by 11 medical students in the South West. The main aim of the charity at present is to support our children by providing them with a full education.

Although there is no charge for schooling itself in Uganda, a child is unable to access education without the necessary supplies, such as textbooks, pens and uniforms, which although in the Western world these seem like very minor things, for children in Uganda it is the chance of an education which will in turn give them a more positive future.

For more information on the charity please visit the website

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