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“I loved this book! Easy to read with great concise and relevant information. The book provides more than just explanations of commonly tested History and Physical Examination stations, it is filled with Consultant tips, Cases to Learn from, review questions and tables of vital information.”

Unofficial Guide To Medicine Testimonial Jack Retina

Jack, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

“This book has massively helped me in structuring my revision and ensuring that I cover all pertinent areas in good detail. It gives you great little tips and teaching notes and with all the new pictures added you can see why so many students were queuing to get their hands on this invaluable resource.”

Chudy, University of Southamption, UK

“This is a really great book for all students preparing for OSCEs! It has the most essential information in a neat & structured format, accompanied by a wealth of images that makes revising that much easier! Indispensable! ”

Unofficial Guide To Medicine Testimonial Victoria Retina

Victoria, University of Malta, Malta

“This book provides candidates with practical tips which other books may overlook, for both revision and the exam itself thus confirming the writers’ proficiency as authors of an OSCE revision guide.”

Unofficial Guide To Medicine Testimonial Journal Retina

International Journal Of Clinical Skills

“This excellent book presents the classics, and at one level this makes it a high-yield textbook that will be extremely valuable to medical students and junior doctors.”

Unofficial Guide To Medicine Testimonial Bob Clarke Retina

Bob Clarke, Associate Dean, Professional Development, London.
Director, Ask Doctor Clarke Ltd.

“The books format makes it flexible for study situations and the scenarios are tailored to fit common encounters in the wards. Mark schemes help to provide a summary of points to be covered and highlights what is expected of the student.”

Unofficial Guide To Medicine Testimonial

Onyinye Akpenyi, Medical student

Unofficial Guide To Radiology - 100 Practice CXR - book image

The Unofficial Guide to Radiology:

100 Practice Chest X-Rays

Mohammed Rashid Akhtar, Na’eem Ahmed, Nihad Khan, Mark Rodrigues, Zeshan Qureshi

Global Health

Oxford Textbook of Global Health of Women, Newborns, Children, and Adolescents

Delan Devakumar, Jennifer Hall, Zeshan Qureshi, and Joy Lawn
Cover art by Joanna Lawn

Unofficial Guide to Surgery: Core Operations

The Unofficial Guide to Surgery: Core Operations

Katrina Mason, Zeshan Qureshi,
Gareth Rogers and Madelaine Gimzewska

Unofficial Guide to Radiology: Orthopaedic X-Rays Pre-Order

The Unofficial Guide to Radiology:

100 Practice Orthopaedic X-Rays

Christopher Gee, Alexander Young, Mark Rodrigues and Zeshan Qureshi

Unofficial Guide to Radiology: Abdominal X-Rays

The Unofficial Guide to Radiology:

100 Practice Abdominal X-Rays

Danieal Weinberg, Rebecca Best, Lydia Shackshaft, Mark Rodrigues and Zeshan Qureshi

You are the experts: get involved in our book writing project

We have set up a publishing model that allows any student to have their say in developing books for their education, and to potentially go on to become one of the authors. From generating ideas, to writing content, even to graphic design and reviewing print copies – we want juniors at the forefront. You can be involved at every stage. After all, it’s you who will be using the books; who are we to tell you what you need?!

In contrast to seniors, the forte of juniors is their recent exposure to the curriculum. This better places them in relating to their peers and writing in a language digestible to them. The content can also be contextualised around current medical students’ and junior doctors’ learning needs, utilising the authors’ recent experiences revising for undergraduate assessments.

When the MDU helped fund the start of this project in 2012, there were only a handful of contributors. The project is now a global success, with hundreds of contributors from around the world. We offer the opportunity to join people like yourself in working on these uniquely peer-led textbooks. You are the experts in your current learning needs, and we look forward to offering unmatched opportunities for enthusiastic and hard-working individuals.

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Have a look and see if what we have to offer helps serve your learning needs, and if there’s anything you want that we haven’t thought of yet, get in touch with us. We’d be grateful for your advice, you’re the experts on student needs after all, and with your help, we will continue to develop the textbooks that you need.

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