Feel like medical textbooks often miss the point, but your involvement could improve this?
You have the power to contribute something valuable to medicine.

We welcome your suggestions and collaboration on developing textbooks in the future, from adding new tips/cases to learn from/stations, to simply making what we have already even better!

You can also contact us through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We currently have multiple opportunities to join the Unofficial Guide to Medicine team

Current Opportunities

Medical Education Fellowship

This is your opportunity to deliver teaching on behalf of the Unofficial Guide to Medicine. You will receive professional evaluation and recognition of your teaching for your portfolios so that employers are fully aware of the quality of teaching you are able to deliver.

Deadline: 1st February

Conference Ambassadors

This is your opportunity to attend conferences on behalf of the Unofficial Guide to Medicine. You will be able to attend and engage with the conferences of your interest, and be paid for your time there. During the breaks, you will be expected to engage with local students  and promote the Unofficial Guide to Medicine and its products.


Do you love sharing your stories? Do you have a passion for writing? Do you enjoy passing on your knowledge and wisdom? We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated medical students and junior doctors to join our team of bloggers. You will be sharing your experiences at medical school, life at university/as a junior doctor, recounting the best and the worst days and maybe even offering some advice to those who are following in your footsteps…

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