What is this role?

The Unofficial Guide to Medicine regularly sponsors and attends medical conferences and other events such as Fresher’s Fairs. These events are an excellent way of engaging directly with students from various places and degrees of medical training, and provide us with brilliant opportunities to promote our books directly to the target market. The usual set-up is that we have a ‘stall’ where we display promotional materials and copies of our current books to sell at a massively discounted price.

As a conference ambassador, you will be required to help out at the stall with selling the books and recruiting people to join our mailing list for opportunities to get involved with the project. You will be required to set up the stall at the beginning of the day, stay for the majority of the conference (sometimes being able to leave after lunch depending on how busy it is) and pack away at the end if still there.

There will occasionally be an opportunity to give a brief presentation to the delegates of the conference about our project, explaining the unique publishing model and how students can get involved with the writing/editing etc. During quiet periods of the conference (i.e. when there isn’t a break), you will also be able to go into the talks/workshops of your choosing.

You will be free to pick and choose which conferences you would like to attend, subject to the number of places available for each individual one. This will most likely be on a first-come-first-serve basis, or depending on your distance from the venue. We also try and match ambassadors who we think will complement one another well, as everyone has a different selling personality. Conferences are mainly UK-based, with some in Ireland and potential International ones in the future.

This is a paid position (based on an hourly rate of £7.20), working for a unique student publishing group that brings together like-minded medics with a passion for improving education.

What do you get out of this?

This is an excellent opportunity to attend medical conferences (often costing several £100s when including registration, travel, and accommodation) for free and diversify your medical knowledge, whilst at the same time representing our project on a national level and meeting new people and travelling to new places. You will have the opportunity to give a formal conference-style presentation to a large audience and receive feedback on your presenting skills as well.

You will be acknowledged for your work and we will provide a letter of proof for your portfolio if required. If you demonstrate potential and enjoy working for the project, you could potentially be invited to be an author or editor in future books.

Whilst the role is paid, the first event you attend will not be, as this is a ‘trial’ event in which you will be supernumerary in order to observe/learn/be trained, and see if you are interested in going forward as a regular. You will also be assessed by whichever Executive Assistant is also in attendance, to see if you are a suitable candidate for the position. All expenses (food, travel and occasionally accommodation if necessary) will be covered however – and is the case for any future events that you may attend as well.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for focused and friendly students with good teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills. You will need to be able to demonstrate your abilities at selling books, and have an enthusiasm for our project that translates into respectable sales outputs and mailing list sign-ups. For this, you will require a sound understanding of our project, the books and our unique publishing model. Fluent conversational English is a must. It is also vital that you are organised and able to keep a track of stocks and numbers of books and merchandise. Most importantly, you should be confident and happy to talk to new people and be able to initiate conversation with someone that may not have been so engaging otherwise. No previous experience in book writing, marketing or attending conferences is necessary.

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