Ceen-Ming Tang BA (Hons) MedSci

Ceen-Ming Tang BA (Hons) MedSci

Final Year Medical Student, University of Oxford, UK

Tiffany has a rather broad range of interests, ranging from robotics, to drug discovery and gastroenterology, to more recently, medical education.This interest was what inspired her to begin working with The Unofficial Guide to Medicine team in her penultimate year of medical school at Oxford. As she moved from reviewing book chapters, to being an author writing about assigned topics, she developed new ideas and her own vision for the book. Eventually, she became the Chief Editor of The Unofficial Guide to Medical Research, Audit, and Teaching.

Since its publication in early 2015, she has continued to remain an active part of the Unofficial Guide community. Her current work includes medical education research, organizing The Unofficial Guide to Medicine Essay Competition, and editing the next book in the series.

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