Fuelled by our constant passion to help others get into medicine, we have set up a vast network of the most knowledgeable and most experienced people of them all: over 600 successful medical students from all medical schools within the UK.

This book is the result of over 300 surveys and focus groups among successful medical students. We haven’t forgotten your views! The Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School is the first book of its kind involving current medical school applicants in developing its content. With your help, we have managed to understand what you want to see less often, and what to understand more of. This book is a project based on YOUR real needs, on the most commonly encountered uncertainties, and difficulties as emphasised by YOU, the applicant.

For years now, we’ve been helping applicants like you to successfully secure a place at medical school. This book will serve as a map, guiding you through every single step of the application process. Make this book your friend, your fellow companion through the tough, stormy days of the medical school process.

This book is aimed at medical school applicants, covering core steps of the application process, as well as tips and tricks from successful applicants, medical students, doctors, and academics. Uniquely, this comprehensive guide is the product of a large network of 600+ medical students and junior doctors who have teamed up to help you succeed.

Unoffical Guide to Getting into Medical School - Preview
Bogdan Chiva Giurca photo

Bogdan Chiva Giurca

Chief Editor

Medical Student, University of Exeter Medical School. Founder: NHS England National Social Prescribing Student Champion Scheme

For years now we’ve been helping applicants like you to successfully secure a place at medical school. Most of them are now part of our growing team. You, too, can be part of our team and give something back to those who will be in the same situation such as yourself, so do get in touch!

This is the first book of its kind that actually involved current medical school applicants in developing its content. With your help, we have come to understand what you want to see less, and what you want to see more of.

Getting into Medical School - Peter Abrahams"This book comes from experience of the nightmare that many young students face trying to become doctors. I wish there had been such a useful and easy accessible guide when I decided medicine was for me!

I can see it will be an invaluable tool to hold the hand of any prospective medical student and guide them along the first path towards becoming a medical practitioner. Luck has a part to play but preparation is paramount to make it over the first hurdle and this book has it all."

Professor Peter Abrahams

Prof Emeritus of Clinical Anatomy

Getting into Medical School - Kate Lovett image"This highly readable book debunks some of the myths associated with successful application to medical school and will be of benefit to applicants, careers advisors and teachers. Painstakingly researched using personal testimonies from current medical students this book succeeds in demystifying the application process. Widening participation remains one of the big challenges in Medicine today.

This book demystifies the application process and gives welcome encouragement to all contemplating applying to UK Medical schools."

Dr Kate Lovett

Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Getting into Medical School - Marite Polley image"This is a great resource for any student who wants the inside view on effective approaches to tackling the medical application process, brought to life by the examples and knowledge from those who have been through the process."

Dr Marie Polley

Senior Lecturer, Westminster University. Head, Patient OutcomeS in Health (POSH). Past Chair, British Society for Integrative Oncology. Co-Chair of the Social Prescribing Network

“Every entry process has its hoops and processes and ‘The Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School‘ is designed to help you navigate these and demonstrate why you are special and why you should be offered a medical school place. It is written by a distinguished group of medical students, who have based their book on numerous surveys, discussions, and personal experience. This innovative book represents the definitive guide for anyone wanting to maximize their chances of becoming a doctor. As you go through the application process use this book as a guide through the toughest storms until you finally succeed. Endurance lies behind the success of every great doctor and this book will help you to reach that starting point of the best career ever.”

Professor Michael Dixon

Chair of the College of Medicine. Social Prescription Champion NHS England.
Visiting Professor University College London.



Chapter 1. Introduction: Setting up the Scene

Chapter 2. Medicine: Past, Present, and Future

Chapter 3. UK Medical Practice and Career Progression

Chapter 4. The Different Roles of a Doctor

Chapter 5. Medical Ethics and Law

Chapter 6. Work Experience: Getting Involved

Chapter 7: Mastering Entrance Exams: The UKCAT and BMAT

Chapter 8. Dissecting the Perfect Medical School Personal Statement

Chapter 9. Acing the Medical School Interview

Chapter 10. A Guide for Non-Traditional Applicants

Bonus Chapter. Geeky Corner

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