The Unofficial Guide to Medicine, founded in 2012, is a rapidly expanding medical education social enterprise, operating primarily across the UK, Australia, and Ireland, but also with publishing partners in Japan, India, Pakistan, Italy, the USA and Canada. We have sold 43,000 textbooks, using an innovative, award winning flipped publishing model, putting medical students and junior doctors like you at the heart of everything we do. Our educational reach now expands to apps, ebooks, face-to-face teaching and social media, with a Facebook following of over 33,000 people.

Having developed an internationally recognised brand and a supportive, effective, publishing process, we are looking to expand our core team, develop our product catalogue, and allow more learners and teachers to benefit from our unique publishing model. We have also raised £8,500 for charities, medical student awards, and hardships funds, and supported student societies and events by contributing over £40,000 to support their day-to-day operations and events.

Job Description

Executive Assistant to Chief Operations Officer

We require two part time Executive Assistants to our Chief Operations Officer, working 10-15 hours a week, 44 weeks in the year, starting on 21st November 2017.

The role requires a flexible, hardworking, innovative medical student/professional, with an eye for detail, and the creative flair to help facilitate making education more fun and more efficient for students worldwide. You will be expected to help within your skill level, with the operations of the company, from book production, to marketing, to finance, to attending conferences to promote our textbooks.

You will be reporting directly to the Chief Operations Officer and assisting them in their duties.

Example tasks include:

  1. Working with a group of authors to develop a manageable schedule, with checkpoints and review process to maintain quality and adequate communication. Reviewing the tile, identifying its key strengths and weakness, and developing an individualised marketing campaign for launch.
  2. Working with our medical school partners, ensuring good relationships, and effective engagement with the student committee with our products and opportunities.
  3. Collating and analysing financial transactions, ensuring invoices are generated, received and processed, and looking to see where efficiencies may be created in our day-to-day operations.
  4. Monitoring evidence and auditing – ensuring action plans are followed through, and identifying problems early, with development of appropriate management strategies.
  5. Recruiting new members of the core work force, including authors, editors, book reviewers, and Unofficial Guide to Medicine ambassadors.
  6. Attending either virtually or in person a monthly Unofficial Guide to Medicine team meeting to set company agenda for the ongoing month.

We acknowledge that medical students/professionals have important professional commitments, and will work within those constraints to ensure your work with the Unofficial Guide to Medicine supports your development as a doctor, and doesn’t hinder it.

Payment equivalent to £3,168 to £4,752 plus expenses over the whole year, depending on hours worked, age, and experience.



  1. Ownership/usage of an Unofficial Guide to Medicine textbook. We expect candidates to have an awareness of our products, either through direct ownership or borrowing library copies.
  2. Basic IT Skills including use of Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  3. Good time management and communication skills. Many of the tasks you are given will be time sensitive. We are very accommodating to flexible time schedules, but professional commitments need to be made to any deadline mutually agreed upon.
  4. Confidence with telephone and face-to-face meetings as we are student-facing company with lots of direct one-to-one engagement


  1. Previous publishing experience. This can be at any level, from journal article, to textbooks, to blogs, to magazines. Although we acknowledge you may not have had the opportunity for this, it is helpful as a demonstration of commitment.
  2. Experience on a medical student or junior doctor committee. This will demonstrate teamworking ability in the context of a long term strategy.
  3. Evidence of effective communication and teamworking skills. You will not be working in isolation, and so it will be helpful for us to see that you have the professionalism and confidence to maintain effective working relationships, and get the most out of your professional colleagues.
  4. Current medical student/doctor. While not completely necessary to complete the tasks set an understanding of our audience and the healthcare sector is essential. Candidates with no medical experience must make sure they give clear reasoning as to why, for them, this is not a disadvantage.

What we will expect from you:

  • A commitment of 10-15 hours a week to helping with day to day operations of the company
  • Attendance at one Unofficial Guide to Medicine event every two months as an ambassador to the company, promoting and selling textbooks
  • Attendance at our annual executive board meeting where strategy is set for the upcoming 12 months

How we can support you in the role, and in your medical school/junior doctor needs:

  • We will facilitate flexible location and timing of work. Most work can be done from home, and we can communicate via social media, email, and telephone.
  • We will give you 8-12 weeks a year away from Unofficial Guide to Medicine duties, to allow for uninterrupted preparation for exams, electives, and holidays.
  • We will provide you with six monthly professional development meetings. This will entail supporting you developing your own personal development plan and assessing what opportunities are available to help you realise your vision in medicine, including potentially being published as an author.
  • We will provide you with discussion and support for any job applications you may have during your tenure with us.
  • We will appoint you a direct line manager who will have weekly telephone meeting with you for 30-60 minutes to work through that weeks tasks, and co-develop strategies to overcome any difficulties.
  • We will provide you with guidance documents with protocols for management of each individual task.

Rewards for the job

  • Ability to work closely within the UGTM team and develop strong work relationships
  • Ability to meet and work with students and doctors from across the country and at various levels of training
  • Development of important skills including communication, organisation, teamwork and confidence in public speaking

Challenges for the job

  • Keeping track of emails, and deadlines.
  • Prioritisation of tasks.
  • Dealing with partners where there are challenges in completion and communication.
“I am no longer a medical student, and am becoming less and less of a junior doctor. Whilst the experience i’m accruing is really positive, I’m less and less directly in touch with current student needs. That’s why we need to work with you to help lead us in generating ideas and company direction, so what we do truly continues to make a difference to students, and continues to be a global award winning success”

Zeshan Qureshi Quote Image

Zeshan Qureshi
Founder of the Unofficial Guide to Medicine

“It’s been a pleasure to work with such a fun and friendly team of people. I’ve had many opportunities to get involved with various aspects of the company from representing as an ambassador at national events to managing finances behind the scene. It has been a very unique job indeed!”

Sammie Mak Personal Assistant

Sammie Mak
Publishing Assistant

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