Congratulations to Ter-Er Kusu-Orkar on achieving Highly Commended in the 2019 Zeshan Qureshi Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medical Education.
Zeshan Qureshi Award - Ter-er Kusu-Orkar

Ter-Er is a foundation doctor, pursuing a career in cardiothoracic surgery, who has used every opportunity to further the education of others. From creating resources for his medical school’s clinical skills department to developing programmes for his universities athletic union and hosting a national conference, teaching is definitely a passion for Ter-Er.
Zeshan Qureshi Award - Ter-er Kusu-Orkar - Group Photo

Ter-Er has also taught and created teaching programmes in south Africa where he conducted a whistle blowing project and helped develop a system for raising concerns in the hospital.
He has achieved all of this all while publishing over 10 peer reviewed research articles, presenting at around 16 national and international conferences and providing private tuition for children that would otherwise not be able to afford it.
Zeshan Qureshi Award - Ter-er Kusu-Orkar Photo

He has continued pursuing his passion in education and has founded the national aortic dissection medical education committee which aims to improve the diagnosis and management of aortic dissection.
Zeshan Qureshi Award - Ter-er Kusu-Orkar - NADMEC logo

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