Well done to Olivia on being a runner-up in the  ‘Zeshan Qureshi Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medical Education’.

Medical Education - Olivia SmithOlivia Smith is currently in the final year of her medical degree at The Hull York Medical School. Olivia has contributed widely at an international level to medical education by the publication of two books, one of which is even being translated into complex Chinese. Her achievements extend far beyond this though to novel research contributing new ideas to the evidence base that has been presented both nationally and internationally. Combined with her work to assist the education of the next cohort of medical students, Olivia’s contributions are wide-spanning and extensive.

An inspirational undergraduate

Two international publications:
Mind Maps for Medical Students and Mind Maps for Medical Students: Clinical Specialties are both distributed internationally. The former will be published in complex Chinese early 2017 and both will save other students hours of study. Having written these books I encouraged and advised other students within my medical school concerning their own publication endeavors.

“I have inspired other students that achievements like this are possible for undergraduate medics.”

Medical Education - Mind Maps - Students 

Medical Eduction - Mind Maps - Clinical Specialities

New Methods for Research:
I have undertaken the first 3D quantitative analysis of mechanical advantage in primates and an original functional assessment of the temporalis muscle using Multibody Dynamic Analysis (MDA). These projects have contributed more broadly to education by employing unique methodology using dynamic modeling, which may be applied surgically to patients with craniofacial deformities. The findings of these projects have been presented nationally and internationally promoting the sharing and convergence of ideas.

“I have developed novel research to assess the functional morphology of the masticatory system and mechanical advantage, which is being used in further research today.”

 Passing on the knowledge:
I have shared my skills/knowledge with other medical students through my role as student representative for the surgical society and have broadened the spectrum of the HYMS annual surgical conference to include interventional radiology – an expanding field, which receives relatively little attention in medical schools.

“It allows students to explore specialties they may have had little exposure to as well as teaching them new skills.”

 Additionally I have delivered teaching and student centered talks e.g. electives evening/intercalated talks and running OSCE stations for younger year groups.
  I have also presented work orally and through posters relating to medical education at ASME national conferences in relation to student-centered models for delivering outpatient training and research misconduct.

Overcoming obstacles/challenges

“The greatest obstacle I found was finding some self-belief.”

When I originally scribed the test chapters for Mind Maps for Medical Students I sent the samples to my future publisher a week before my 21st birthday. It was a genuine fear that my idea wouldn’t be taken seriously because I was so young and because I had neither academic standing nor experience.

“I want to show other students that it is possible to achieve something of this nature, that you should believe in yourself and that you shouldn’t belittle your own ideas because there are many supportive people and networks out there that will acknowledge you.”

The Lasting Impact of Olivia’s contributions

As Olivia pointed out to us, her achievements will have a lasting impact on medical education through the continued distribution of her books as a revision aid, and through her work outlining novel methodologies which will be used in future research.
Not only will her work have affected the lives of medical students at an individual level through small group teaching and passing on her advice, but her presentations and research will have implications at both a national and international level.

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