Title: Key Clinical Case Webinar Presenter Application​

Job Description

The role of Key Clinical Case Webinar Presenter is a voluntary role open for clinicians.

Webinar presenters are required to teach 1 hour case based interactive webinars. Lectures are targeted at health care students and delivered via zoom, with the assistance of Mentimeter, making webinars interactive.

Speakers are able to select their own topics and should create a presentation around a case of their choice lasting around 50 minutes and be prepared to answer questions at the end of the session.

The series has been running for 13 weeks so is well establish and has reached a large audience. We will provide any speakers with a sample presentation, and a support package before they start. Two members of the UGTM team will moderate your webinars in case you need any assistance.

We ask for feedback after all the webinars from attendees and provide speakers with a summary, and we are able to provide certificates that can be used for applications.

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