Job Description

The role of Key Clinical Case Webinar Presenter is a voluntary role open for clinicians specialising in orthopaedics.

Further to the success of the Key Clinical Case webinar series, we are launching Unofficial Guide: Crash Course Days. The aim of these days is to provide an overview of a speciality highlighting high-yield, key information to students as a revision style day.

Our orthopaedic crash course day will be running from 10am-4pm on Saturday 24th October.

Presenters will be required to teach 2/3 twenty minute lectures each with a short question and answer opportunity, covering important topics in orthopaedics.

Presenters will also be involved in a virtual networking session over the lunch hour, giving attendees the opportunity to gain a further insight into life as an orthopaedic clinician.

We ask for feedback after all the webinars from attendees and provide speakers with a summary, and we are able to provide certificates that can be used for applications.

Closing date for applications is 9th October, 12pm.


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