Become an Author of an Unofficial Guide to Medicine

If you have a passion for sharing your knowledge, if you love to write, and if you are enthusiastic about working together with a whole team of other medical students and junior doctors then this is your chance to join the Unofficial Guide to Medicine as an author on one of our upcoming books.

What is this role?

The Unofficial Guide to Medicine as a brand is recognised for excellence in medical education. Our textbooks have won awards from the British Medical Association, the British Institute of Radiology, and the Association for the Study of Medical Education amongst others. The brand is growing in international reputation, with material now expanding to online question banks, apps, eBooks, and translated formats.

We are now looking for new contributors to author or co-author a chapter of one of our upcoming books.

By joining the ‘Unofficial Guide to Medicine’ as an author you will become part of an award winning, expanding publishing company which is modelled on the philosophy that students ​and junior doctors ​ are the experts, encourag​ing them to have their say in their education.

What books could you be involved in?

Author Application - Six Books

We have upcoming books in all areas of medicine, from OSCEs, to clinical cases, to core medicine/surgery. The important thing is that you have a passion for education: we’ll find you an opportunity to express it!

What do you get out of this?

By becoming a part of this team you will have the opportunity to develop your writing and editing skills,​ using clear and precise communication, as well as learning good time-management and prioritisation: all vital qualities for a doctor!

You will be acknowledged in the book for your contributions and your name will be placed next to the associated chapter. We will provide you with a letter of proof for your portfolio and if you demonstrate potential and enjoy working for the project you could potentially be invited for participation in future projects in a higher role e.g. editor.

What are we looking for in an author?

We are looking for focused and friendly medical students and junior doctors with an enthusiasm for our medical education project.

You will need to demonstrate:

  • The ability to communicate ideas simply and effectively in writing.
  • Thorough, thoughtful and precise writing skills.
  • Commitment to the project and an understanding of the time required.
  • The ability to correspond in a timely manner by email and meet deadlines, ensuring we are kept updated whenever this isn’t possible.

No previous experience in book writing ​or publishing is necessary.

How do you apply?

We hope that you are interested and excited about the prospect of becoming an author with the unofficial guide to medicine.

If so then please fill out the application form with your details and answer the questions below.

If you show the skills we are looking for and the potential to be an author then we shall then be in touch with 2 subsequent tasks specific to a future book which you might be involved in.

Application Form

All fields marked with an asterisk* are required.

Personal details

Car Ownership

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Referee 1

Referee 2

Please answer the following questions

Please provide us with a 200 word autobiography*

Please tell us why you would like to join our Unofficial Guide to Medicine team as an author and what skills you think you can contribute?
(200 words)*

Please tell us about any previous writing experience you have and any published work (this is not necessary to apply but helps us understand your level of experience)
(200 words)*

Have you done any previous work with the Unofficial Guide to Medicine, and if so what has this been? It is not essential that you've worked with us before, but knowing what you've done before helps us contextualise your role to your previous interests and experience.
(200 words)*

Review: write a 500-1000 word review of one of our current titles in the Unofficial Guide to Medicine series. Please comment on content, layout, and any other over-arching comments you may have. This is your chance to show us what you can do so please consider the content of your review, but also impress us with your writing skills. Upload the finished review in either Word or PDF format below in the Attachments section*

Which of the following roles would you be willing to consider:


Files will be uploaded when you submit the application form. Please ensure that your photo is no more than 5MB and your documentation is no more than 2MB.

Upload your review of one of the Unofficial Guide to Medicine titles*
Acceptable file types: pdf, doc, docx

Please upload any example of your written work e.g. an essay/publication. You must have been the sole author for this to be valid.*
Acceptable file types: pdf, doc, docx

Upload a high resolution photograph of yourself*
Acceptable file types: gif, png, jpg

Upload an up to date C.V*
Acceptable file types: pdf, doc, docx

Confidentiality Agreement

In order to progress your application to the next stage, please download, complete and sign the Confidentiality Agreement. Once completed, please upload here:

Is there any other information you think it would be helpful for us to be aware of?

Application Declaration

By submitting this application, I confirm that the submission and attached documents are of my own work as an individual and that all details are correct to my understanding.

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