What is this role?

You will be expected to write 1-2 500-1000 word blogs a month. The sort of things we might blog about include:

  • ​Describing a typical day on placement
  • Top tips for surviving MCQ exams
  • Advice to a fresher on how to survive life in a new city
  • How to prepare for your Foundation Year 1 job.
  • Sharing your opinions on current news in healthcare, eg. junior doctor’s contracts
  • How to take time out for yourself and what you do to relax​

By joining the ‘Unofficial Guide to Medicine’ as a blogger you will become part of an award winning, expanding publishing company which is modelled on the philosophy that students ​and junior doctors ​ are the experts, encourag​ing them to have their say in their education.

What do you get out of this?

By becoming a part of this team you will have the opportunity to develop your writing and editing skills, ​using clear and precise communication, as well as learning good time-management and prioritisation: all vital qualities for a doctor!

If you demonstrate potential and enjoy working for the project, you will be invited to be an author or editor in future books.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for focused and friendly medical students and junior doctors with good ​writing and​ communication skills. You will need to be able to demonstrate your abilities at communicating ideas simply and effectively, and have an enthusiasm for our medical education project. No previous experience in book writing ​or blogging  is necessary.

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Tell us about your most memorable day at medical school so far.
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What are your 3 top tips for surviving OSCEs?
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Have you done any previous work with the Unofficial Guide to Medicine, and if so what has this been? It is not essential that you've worked with us before, but knowing what you've done before helps us contextualise your role to your previous interests.*


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