What is this role?

The Unofficial Guide to Medicine as a brand is recognised for excellence in medical education. Our textbooks have won awards from the British Medical Association, the British Institute of Radiology, and the Association for the Study of Medical Education amongst others. The brand is growing in international reputation, with material now expanding to online question banks, app, ebook, and translated formats. We are now looking to utilise our education expertise into the delivery of revision courses for medical students.

We will be putting on free revision courses at medical schools throughout the country. These events are an excellent way of engaging directly with students from various places and degrees of medical training, and to practice and enhance your teaching skills.

As a medical education fellow, you will be required to develop and deliver teaching material. The domains we are looking to cover are a) OSCE revision b) radiology revision and c) paediatric revision.

You will be free to pick and choose which teaching events you can attend. This will most likely be on a first-come-first-serve basis, or depending on your distance from the venue. Teaching sessions are mainly UK-based, with some in Ireland and potential International ones in the future.

What do you get out of this?

This is an excellent opportunity to engage with students desperate for additional teaching to help them meet the modern day expectations of medical school exams and the foundation programme. Once you have delivered three sessions, we will provide you with a certificate, detailing the feedback you have received, expressing our gratitude, and also giving you evidence for your portfolio of teaching on a course to a large group of students across multiple universities.

If you demonstrate potential and enjoy working for the project, you will be invited to be an author or editor in future books. Although this is a volunteer role, we will cover all expenses, including flight/train tickets, hotel accommodation, and food.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for focused and friendly medical students and junior doctors with good teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills. You will need to be able to demonstrate your abilities at communicating ideas simply and effectively in lecture style format, and have an enthusiasm for our medical education project, from textbook production to delivery of revision courses. Fluent conversational English is a must. No previous experience in book writing, marketing or teaching on courses is necessary.

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Have you done any previous work with the Unofficial Guide to Medicine, and if so what has this been? It is not essential that you've worked with us before, but knowing what you've done before helps us contextualise your role to your previous interests.*

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This can be shot on a mobile phone, we are just looking at the teaching not production! As we are looking to launch our OSCE revision days first, the ideal situation would be a video of you performing an examination on a colleague e.g. cardiovascular/neuro/gastro, whilst explaining the process. ​Other options would be a radiology lecture, or a paediatrics lecture. The link can be be Vimeo, YouTube or hosted on a shared service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


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