The hardship fund is an opportunity for medical students who are experiencing financial struggles to get some extra money to go towards their education/living costs


Medical school is hard enough to get on top of, and we want you to be able to focus on your studies, and not have to worry about anything else. Money troubles are a struggle for anyone, particularly for those in full time education. We don’t want this to compromise your education, or your family life. We therefore are announcing bursaries of up to £1000 for those that are going through understandable difficulties. We are here to help.

The bursary is a limited fund which starts at the beginning to the end of each academic year. You are able to apply throughout the academic year; and subject to funds being available we will process your application. Please email to confirm before you make your application.


Any medical students or junior doctors that are finding financial difficulty can apply. Below is an application form where you will need to prove your financial circumstances with supporting documentation and a statement. Please ensure you have accessed all the university/government hardship support that is available to you first, as this is a pre requisite of our bursary. You will also need to be enrolled on your course on the term you are applying.

To Apply

Please fill out the application form and provide the supporting evidence. Please explain clearly in your statement the circumstances that have caused your financial deficit. Please state the amount (based on financial evidence) of bursary (up to £1000) you are applying for; with clear detail on where the money will be spent.

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