Title: Webinar Director

Hours Worked: 10-15hrs per week

Potential duties:

  • Managing the webinar schedule
    • Finalising weekly webinar schedule
    • Emailing presenters for confirmation and presentation details
    • Managing the allocation of presenters to session dates
  • Managing communication with webinar presenters
    • Managing and supporting the induction of new presenters
    • Supporting presenters with presentations and software queries
    • Guiding presenters on session format and editing presentation
    • Managing feedback forms for each session and emailing presenters
  • Managing webinar production
    • Editing and revising presenter presentation to fit UGTM format
    • Uploading and exporting presentations to and from Mentimeter (our online software)
  • Managing webinar giveaway
    • Managing the selection of book giveaways from feedback form or social media engagement
    • Emailing and contacting winners for permission and delivery details
    • Arranging for the gratis copies to be sent to addresses
  • Managing social media and corporate branding
    • Managing the facebook page, twitter page, and website
    • Managing the coordination of updating the website weekly with events
    • Supporting the development of a social media strategy, and implementing it on a week to week basis
    • Managing the analysis of social media engagement
  • Moderating and facilitating the webinar sessions
  • Developing new idas for future webinars

Skills required

  • Organised, able to keep on top of all work and stick to deadlines where necessary.
  • Ability to work in a team with other members of the UGTM organisation.
  • Professionalism and confidence when representing UGTM.
  • Fluent English
  • Basic IT skills: Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word

Desired skills

  • Experience with Mentimeter and Slack (although we have induction documents fo these)
  • Experience of using Affinity Designer or another graphic designer software (although we have induction documents for these)
  • Previous involvement in social media content creation
  • Confidence in basic statistical analysis using spreadsheets

Support provided

  • ¬†Continuous support from Jameela Sheikh via email, telephone and face-to-face.
  • Feedback on performance from other members of team
  • Guidance documents with protocols for management of various tasks
  • Training sessions For Slack, Mentimeter, and Affinitiy Designer
  • Regular UGTM team meetings
  • Appraisal meeting with Zeshan Qureshi

Rewards for the job

  • Involvement in the production of highly praised and recognised webinar series, benefitting healthcare students and junior doctors from across the world
  • Ability to work closely within the UGTM team and develop strong work relationships
  • Ability to meet and work with students and doctors from across the country and at various levels of training
  • Development of important skills including communication, organisation, teamwork and confidence in public speaking

Challenges for the job

  • Keeping track of emails, and tight deadlines
  • Prioritisation of tasks
  • Dealing with partners where there are delays or other challenges to communication
  • Working with an international team

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